Magistrate protests about veil

BBC NEWS | Magistrate walks out in veil row

A Manchester magistrate who refused to deal with a defendant because she was wearing a full Muslim face veil could face disciplinary action.

This story completely surprised me, not the fact that the magistrate walked out of court because the woman was wearing a veil, but the fact that she can wear a veil in court! Why? Surely she has to be visible so they can prove her identity?

I’m sure if I turned up to court in a crash helmet or balaclava, I’d be asked and then forced to remove it. Many people arrive at court with blankets over their heads to hide from the cameras, but I am fairly sure that once inside they have to remove those blankets.

Do they even check to see if it is her when she’s carted off to prison? I suppose it could work as a good fail safe, send your mother or better yet your grandmother in your place, if the verdict goes for you, brilliant, if it goes against, you can be on the next plane to Pakistan whilst her mother/grandmother is being processed by the system.

It’s isn’t even as if the lady is some quiet retiring type, someone that is extremely devout and could not contemplate removing her full body suit. She’s in court on charges of criminal damage, I’m assuming that wasn’t carried out in a full burka, although I suppose such an outfit could have its advantages for late night vandalism. However did they catch her? I’m guessing the CCTV wouldn’t have been much good.




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