BBC use Microsoft DRM

This is not good news, apparently the BBC has decided to use Windows DRM for their new iPlayer, and is planning to possibly, if it ever gets around to it (iPlayer has been in development for about three years), to release a compatible version for the Mac. Unfortunately the BBC have neglected to mention Linux, which means in all likelihood, they aren’t going to waste their time with it.When the iPlayer was first announced the programmes were going to be DRM free, this quickly changed. Next they were going to be made available to view for a couple of months, this was then shortened to one month, which itself was rejected by the BBC Trustee’s in favour of seven days. One of them kindly pointed out ‘if you haven’t watched a downloaded programme within the first 48 hours, then you’re not going to watch it.’ Perhaps that it the case if you’re a BBC Trustee with plenty of time on your hands, but most of us real people work Monday-Friday and quite long hours, meaning a full five day working week.This has put a serious dent in my plan to defect to Linux, I can still move over I suppose and just download any TV programmes that I miss off of BitTorrent. Nice one BBC.

One response to “BBC use Microsoft DRM

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