Manhunt 2 – Put down

It looks like the game Manhunt 2 has been well and truly sunk. Despite the chairman of Take Two entertainment saying it was “a fine piece of art” and:

“The Rockstar team has come up with a game that fits squarely within the horror genre and was intended to do so,”

In what appears to be a futile attempt to save it, the game seems to have been dealt a death blow by Sony and Nintendo. Both of whom have said the the game won’t be released on their platforms, despite the game having being specifically developed for them. So unless they make a PC or Xbox version, the game is dead in the water, whether it has been banned or not.

This means lost money for Rockstar games and Take Two, which means they won’t take such risks in future games, which means safe, boring games are likely to their next releases. All thanks to the hysterical media.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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