Scotland has a bottomless pit, of English money

This blog has descended into posts about genitals, and male genitals at that, so time I think for more serious stuff.

A draft decision not to make drugs for a leading cause of blindness widely available on the NHS will cost many people their sight, campaigners say.

BBC NEWS | Health | Anger over blindness drugs ruling

This is shocking but not completely unexpected, I have mentioned this before here. But I did think (stupidly) that perhaps public opinion would sway things. That of course would imply that I live in some kind of democracy. No, the idiots at the NHS believe it is cheaper to let someone go blind, or at least half blind, rather than cure them. I am sure though if you take into account disability, guide dogs, council housing etc, it works out much cheaper to just give the patient the drug, but of course those are part of the budget of another department and not a concern for the NHS.

The thing that stung me the most about this is not that they won’t be making the drug widely available, but the fact that it already is widely available, in Scotland. The same Scotland that seems to be becoming something of a Utopia for the average person. It was announced today that students wouldn’t have to pay back their tuitions fees. Students in Wales (as in born in Wales, it doesn’t matter where they study) already have their fees paid for them. Prescriptions are also free in Wales and I believe Scotland (almost £7 in England) and the elderly are to receive free personal care in Scotland.

Wow, just who exactly conquered who again? I am all for equality and not suggesting that Wales or Scotland should be treated as second class members of Britain, but I also don’t understand why the English are. Afterall 80% of the taxes in the UK come from the English yet the Scots are living like Kings, free this and free that – public money seems to grow on trees north of the border.

A recent report stated that Scotland is the worst performing small country in Western Europe, well it’s not surprising, the Scots are getting pretty used to someone else doing all the hard work and paying for everything. I hope that the SNP follow through and make sure that Scotland become independent and self sufficient, perhaps then the English will get better health care, free education and pay less tax.


4 responses to “Scotland has a bottomless pit, of English money

  1. Yeah, England might raise about 80% of UK taxes, but she’s also got about 80% of the population. Scotland has just under 9% of the population, but raises about 10% of all UK taxes.

    There’s enzyme treatments and children’s weight loss treatments available on the NHS in England but not in Scotland. That’s only 2 anomalies working in the other direction where Scotland arguably ‘loses out’.

    There are two separate bodies involved in deciding which treatments are approved or not for use north and south of the border. For England, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) performs this function, while the Scottish Medical Consortium (SMC) is the equivalent body in Scotland. And although some treatments have been authorised by the SMC and not by NICE, as I say, it works both ways.

    Basically, if you have 2 separate bodies to approve treatments; staffed by 2 different lots of people responding to 2 different sets of national priorities and responding to 2 different sets of ministers, it’s hardly surprising that you find variations like this creeping in. I’m all for independence, but the idea that Scotland is some paradise, sailing serenely atop a sea of English cash is, to say the least of it, a mistaken one.



  2. Thanks for your thoughts.
    It isn’t just about taxes raised but how the taxes are spent, your average Scot gets more spent on him than your average Englishman. Education and healthcare are both still pretty much free in Scotland, but not in England.
    Having said that I think that you have a point though about it being more about perception than there being real big differences.
    The main problem is that we are meant to be one nation, yet Scotland (and Wales) are governed separately, legislation that Scottish and Welsh MPs vote for, doesn’t apply in Wales and Scotland. It is this inequality that then breeds the anger at the differences, especially when they seem to be going in Scotland’s favour.
    I think the only logical solution is independence for England.

  3. didnt read it but very good

    • Thanks, I really have nothing against the Welsh, or even the Scots, I just want England to be independent.

      Having preferential treatment for one nation over another (e.g. own parliament, different NHS, etc) is just plain wrong.

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