Robin Hood strikes again

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Russian ‘ninja’ arrested in Italy

“Italian police have arrested a Russian “ninja” who had been spreading fear across farmlands in the north of the country.”

One of those stories that makes you do a double take. Now, my knowledge of ninjas is a little rusty but Igor isn’t really a ninja name. And the ninja in the movies tend not to get beaten by pensioners. I can relate to the man though, I too wanted to be a ninja, back when I was ten! But back then everyone wanted to be a ninja because of films like this:

American Ninja

To be honest though it sounds like this ninja business is a mistake, I think that the police and press have got his costume mixed up and that he was trying to be Robin Hood. He even states that he was inspired by his hero Robin Hood (hence the bow and knife – no mention of arrows though), perhaps Lincoln green shows up in the dark too much and that is why he opted for black?

I guess he didn’t really get the rob from the rich to give to the poor part either.


Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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