Life takes its toll on Katie Hopkins

I’m not normally one for posting on these silly reality TV shows but I saw something about one of The Apprentice contestants this week that really shocked me. It was about Katie Hopkins, and no it wasn’t the fact that she’d had affairs with 3 married men. It wasn’t that she’d been caught having sex with one of them in a field by a photographer. It wasn’t even the news today that she has been sacked from her real job.

No it was the fact that she claims to be, 32! They must have been the hardest three decades ever lived, by anyone ever, to have left her face in such a state! I thought that she was in her late forties! It made me laugh everytime she was filmed in the early mornings, bags the size of her ego under her eyes.


Apparently she rates herself ten out of ten in bed, with looks like that she’d need to be.


Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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