Going at last!

Well it has finally happened. He’s announced the date! Tony B-Liar is going!

He has been holding out for as long as possible, I suppose it isn’t easy to let go of power for the first President of the United Kingdom. He has spent the past few weeks banging the drum and shouting about his achievements, Northern Ireland, the NHS, Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland. I think he really believes that he can detract attention from Iraq and that in a few years people will think of Tony Blair and Northern Ireland. In reality Iraq is all people will remember of him and it will haunt him till the end of his days.

It is amusing all this talk of a leadership contest and the next Prime Minister, a Scottish PM (odd as Blair is Scottish) when in reality Brown is a non runner. He has zero personality and following Blair is only going to make it more obvious. Labour have no chance of winning the next election with him at the helm.


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