NHS Fails Again

Another example of what I was talking about the other day.

BBC News | Man must go blind to get NHS help
An elderly man has been refused NHS treatment which would save his sight – until he goes blind in one eye.

A man who has worked his whole life, pubic service work as well, is being told that he must be blind in at least one eye before the NHS will pay for treatment to save his sight. Another example of the joke that the NHS has become and further reason to abolish the NHS. If the NHS is unable to provide Medial Care then perhaps it should refund the money that he has paid in to it for the last 60 years? That way he could go private. As it is he can’t get the service that he requires and yet does not have any other choice.

Perhaps the Government should have some kind of Opt in or Out scheme, whereby people can opt out of the NHS, receive no treatment and get a rebate on their tax? I’m sure people would much rather have the third of the tax they pay returned and go private that rely on an NHS that when the time comes won’t be able or won’t be willing to treat them.


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